Welcome to F8surf.com. My name is Charlie Witmer. All photos are copyrighted. Please respect this. Check out the site. You will find surfing photos from Steamer Lane, The Hook, Pleasure Point, Natural Bridges, Maverick's and other unnamed places here. Click the "Galleries" button to get there. If I have introduced myself to you in person I'll try to identify you by name in the file name or caption of the photo .You will see a slightly visible watermark in gallery images. These will be removed should you decide you would like a print. If you don't see a price listed for a photo or product featuring you please contact me at charlie@f8surf.com and I will make it available to you. Also if you don't want a particular photo or photos posted, contact me and I will take it down ASAP. These photos are intended for your viewing and for sale to the person in the photo. Please treat this site as family oriented. All constructive criticism is welcome.  Thanks, Charlie Witmer.




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